Taste and Colour: vegetable dyes from the molini spigadoro company

Food colouring powders are natural, healthy and genuine. They are extracted from plants, fruit and vegetables, with the same care and attention that the company dedicates to all its productions which are rigorously selected and controlled. They are gluten-free and do not contain substances of animal origin, so they are suitable for the diet of vegans, vegetarians and people suffering from celiac disease.

Each product of the Gusto&Colore line transfers the typical delicate aroma and coloring of the vegetables used to do the dough. For GustoGreen, Spirulina seaweed (Arthrospira platensis) and Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.), which we also find in GustoYellow, together with the Pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima L) are used. Common beetroot (Beta vulgaris L) is used for GustoRed and a mix of sweet potato, radish and cherry is used for GustoPink.

For a healthy and creative diet, here is Gusto&Colore, the line of aromatic preparations with colouring properties from concentrates and extracts of fruit, vegetables and edible plants. Green, red, yellow and pink are the four easy-to-use shades, which give a surprising touch to all sweet and savory doughs, such as bread, cakes, pizza and pasta:

Gusto Green: contains Spirulina and Safflower which has cartamine, with an aroma that reminds of saffron. Spirulina is a green-blue microalgae which contains phycocyanin, a compound of proteins and blue / green pigments.

Gusto Pink: contains radish and cherry, with a characteristic bluish-red aroma.

Gusto Red: contains red beetroot. The intense red coloured powder comes from the extracted beet juice properly clarified and concentrated.

Gusto Yellow: contains an extract based on powdered Pumpkin, with a characteristic yellow colured aroma and Safflower which has cartamine, with an aroma that reminds of saffron.


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