For over 60 years a point of reference for HO.RE.CA. professionals.


Our company serves the operators in the HO.RE.CA and the Normal Trade industries. We deal with food distribution and services following an innovative approach:

The Global Food Service is a management method, but above all a working philosophy that places customers and all their specific needs at the center of the operating model.

In order to perform their job successfully, food professionals need to deal with infinite aspects: selection of raw materials, research, innovation and testing of market trends, management of human resources, care of the store and management of several suppliers.

Certainly, one of the fundamental aspects of these activities is the daily selection and research of raw materials. While performing the activities above mentioned requires professionals to invest in time, for the latest one, they can rely on experts of the domain that are able to support and listen to all their needs daily, just as we do.

Our task is to identify and satisfy such needs and make sure that our customers are provided with specific and customized research and selection of raw materials, both food and no-food.

Professionals who rely on our services are free from dealing with different suppliers on a daily basis and, as a consequence, they can easily manage all other aspects of their business.

Our daily challenge is to become a “global” leading company for all the references managed by our customers and to guarantee a customized selection and research.

We don’t sell what we have in our warehouse, but we buy what you need

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