Our selection of the best products for your corporate gifts.


During the holidays, especially Christmas, there is not a better appreciated gift than a Gourmet Basket, that is a “good omen” addressed to the people we care most about: friends, relatives and colleagues.
A thought with the most varied shapes and sizes within which we find typical food and wine delicacies.

Due to both a great passion for all that is good food and good wine and the over ten years of experience in research, knowledge and selection of good products, we at Micunco Group put our know-how at your disposal to create quality Gourmet Baskets.

In agreement with our customers, we design exclusive packaging: products that best adapt to the needs of those who rely on us not only in terms of food, but also in terms of size, shape and graphics of the packaging.

Indeed, food packages are made according to the choices and budgets of the customer, who can thus be sure about the absolute uniqueness of the chosen product. The boxes, in different types, can be made to measure by choosing not only the items in the catalogue, but also from all the other references on our platform.

If you are looking for corporate gift boxes,we can mark them with your company’s brand or logo, so that they become a communicating tool of the uniqueness and exclusivity of your gift that remain etched in the memory of the recipient, along with the thought that inspired it.

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