Gourmet Gift Box


The world of customized Christmas baskets and in a broader sense of Gourmet company gifts offers a wide range of choices from many points of view.

From our point of view, a customized Gourmet basket shows attention to the customer’s wishes and maximum satisfaction not only for those who order us the gift but also for those who will see it delivered. Our concern is giving the right advices that lead the recipients to feel fully taken into consideration and “cuddled”.

Our advice starts from the products you want to give. We always try to understand the recipient’s personality.

You will be able to choose whether to start from our already made combinations of products or to customize the gift mix by choosing the products among the whole range of our company.

Have you thought of a gift that goes beyond food? We will be able to better merge your personal gift with the package you choose!

You can also exploit our experience on the shape and wrapping of the package.

As well as choosing the package according to your taste, we will also choose the one that best suits the type of transport agreed: classic lithographed briefcase, wicker basket with handles or elegant wooden casket, all protected by suitable materials for transport.

Choosing our company will allow you to send the gift all over the country and abroad with the guarantee of safe and widespread transport thanks to partnerships with leading transport companies that have been tested over the years.

You just have to contact us for any information.

A specialized advisor in the Goumet Gift area will support you throughout the journey.

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