FOODEX - Food Export Service


The MICUNCO GROUP “supply chain” offers diversified services in a clear and efficient way in line with specific requests:

  • Selection of products and solid partnerships
    Micunco Group carefully selects products and suppliers in order to guarantee quality and continuity. By operating in partnership with its suppliers, Micunco Group can benefit from the strength of the entire Italian agri-food system to ensure efficiency along the supply chain. The partnership is made by constant and clear communication with producers, who are always involved in decision-making processes and actively participate in building their popularity thanks to the services that Micunco Group platform offers.
  • Quality Control system
    Micunco Group Quality Control system guarantees a highly specialized service that adds value and quality to the entire supply chain.
    Customers can benefit from professional and reliable control, thanks to careful and constant monitoring of all processes.
    The activities performed daily to certify high quality standards are analysis, inspections and controls on HACCP processes.
  • Warehouse Logistics
    The selected network of national and international logistic partners allows Micunco Group to safely store and efficiently manage each item according to the necessary storage conditions: ambient, refrigerated and frozen storage. Our customers store the different types of product at the appropriate storage temperature, using a flexible model and relying on accurate lead times.
  • Integrated transport solutions
    Thanks to its position and contractual power with its service provider partners, Micunco Group Logistics unit offers its customers the most affordable fares and the most adequate service for the required transport, according to the different storage temperatures. Micunco Group also developed a flexible model, our “Groupage” system which is to the full advantage of foreign importers because it allows customers to manage minimum volumes of each single reference at absolutely competitive costs.


The organizational model of an applied logistics to each individual export country is added to the operational and winning model that we usually apply for our local customers.

With our “groupage of products” system, foreign importers can order Italian products both in large and small quantities from the different product categories available.

In agreement with customers, we are willing to optimize the unit cost of orders by working from a “Global Food Service” perspective and aiming at processing orders through a single transport, a single payment and a single inspection.

We rely on leading and trusted transport companies, each with a strong history and knowledge of the targeted export country.

According to the distance between Italy and the country of destination, we boast about deliveries starting from a minimum of 48 hours from the order, allowing the export of very fresh Italian products with short Shelf-Life.

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